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Inner peace
and health by listening to music that plays according to your heartbeat 


Personal musical biofeedback
that plays according to your heartbeat

Now more than ever

Kinor Lev is a simple and friendly tool that helps to relax emotional and mental stress

Kinor Lev is a patented technological system ) developed by Dr. Mordechai Lipo in the field of complementary medicine (it is not a substitute for medical treatments) developed by Dr. Mordechai Lipo

The system synchronizes the music playing with your own heart rate, which createsand  lead to a powerful deep meditative relaxation of the important systems in the body and leads to emotional balance, inner peace peace and connection to yourself.

All of this was inspired by King David story who healed King Saul by playing according to his heart beat. (the book of Zohar)

Why is it so important to reduce stress?

Scientific studies* show that between

75% to 90%

of the physical and mental diseases and problems are associated to mental stress and to the imbalance of the autonomic nervous system (ANS)

You deserve to feel better!

Improve Attention and Concentration


   Emotional Balance

  Stress Reduction

Good Sleep

How does this wonder happen?

Synchronization between the breathing and the heart rate


(HRV -  heart rate variability)

Stress creates incoherence of the heart rate

חוסר קוהרנטיות.png

(HRV -  heart rate variability)


When we are in a state of high coherence in the activity of the heart, the autonomous  nervous system, the heart, the hormonal systems and the body's immune system work efficiently. A state of coherence induces a good feeling from an emotional-mental point of view and greatly improves concentration and functioning.

In a balanced autonomous nervous system, a dynamic balance occurs, created by a transition between the sympathetic command and the para-sympathetic command, occurring approximately 10 times per minute. In a state of calmness and mental balance - the heart rate rises and falls in a cyclic manner. Read more here

Relaxing at Home

also available as an application on a smartphone.

From the clinic to the palm of your hand, available anywhere and anytime.

Order the Kinor Lev system online directly to your home address.

You no longer have to leave the house for the Kinor Lev practicing

You can simply sit comfortably, connect to the biosensor, listen to the music (preferably with headphones) and begin to enter a relaxation and a deep peaceful state of mind, while breathing, and meditatively listening to the melody at the rhythm of your own heartbeat.




Yaakov Shashah

"The ability to hear the tune of the heartbeat with the help of the application helped me a lot to bring my body to a relaxation state, and to its balance I highly recommend it for helping yourself and your body. As a therapeutic technique, the body knows how to heal itself".


Social Worker

"I heard my heartbeat, and over time I felt that I was controlling the activity of my heart, it's a great experience! I highly recommend!"


Dina Abrahamson

"The App helped me a lot to reduce the constant stress that accompanies me in my intensive work. I literally started breathing".

 "Kinor Lev gave me my husband back. Two years ago, he experienced a severe traumatic episode. He became bitter, suspicious and aggressive. I came to Dr. Lipo for treatment, following a warm recommendation by a prominent Rabbi. I can say that thanks to his advice, a most dreadful catastrophic outcome was avoided in my

Leah G.

"In the past three years, I have referred dozens of patients suffering from post-trauma and anxiety to therapy using the Kinor Lev system. Anxiety disorders significantly impair the integration of children and adolescents into society".

Dr. Michael Abolafia

  "Over the course of several months of treatment with powerful narcotics for pain, the treatment with this method brought me to function without the need of a large quantity and dosage of narcotics. This treatment increased my vitality and my energy and I regained the confidence that I can trust my body and myself


"Kinor Lev App plays a favorite music of choice to the participant in sync with his/her heartbeat, the musical metronome is the individual's heart itself"

Dr. Mordechai Lipo, Inventor of the Kinor Lev App.

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